Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Radian stuff

I just got to Utah, and I brought my Radian. I did some modifications on it, and plan to do some flying around here, with the Gopro camera on. Here is where I will be flying:

I will be landing on a dirt road, so I did some modifications to the plane. The first thing that I did was put on bigger wheels that weren't made out of something that looked like styrofoam. The new wheels are 2" diameter. Here:

I also installed flaps for making landing easier. I didn't make them with this particular flying spot in mind. But I had some delays, like the servo I was going to use died on me, so the flaps will get their first test. Hopefully I will be able to get out tomorrow morning, if the wether permits. Later on in the month there might even be some snow. Here is a short video of the wing flaps working:


If weather permits, I will be out tomorrow morning flying with the Gopro camera onboard.

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