Types of cars

There are two general categories of RC cars. Electric RC cars have electric motors and battery packs. Nitro rc cars have small engines that are powered by a special fuel mix called nitro fuel.
Different types of rc cars. Here are the different types. All of these types can be nitro or electric.

Monster Trucks
Monster trucks are set up for serious off 
road driving. they usually don't handle 
very well on road because they have high 
ground clearance, making them tip over 
easily. They usually have huge amounts 
of power and very big tires. They are good 
for general bashers who don't drive on 
road very  much.

Rock Crawlers

Rock crawlers are made for driving over 
very steep and difficult terrain. The have 
soft, squishy tires that mold over the rock for
more grip. They have extremely low 
gear ratios, so the don't go very fast. The 
also usually have locked differentials, so that 
all the wheels have to move, not just one at 
each end. Crawlers also have a huge 
amount of articulation, so that the wheels 
have better contact with the ground for 
more of the time, giving it better grip. 


Buggies are typically much lighter 
than monster trucks and faster. 
They are good in races. They 
have big wings on the rear end for 
more downforce and better grip. 
They are usually lower to the 
ground than monster trucks and 
stadium trucks. Their bodies usually 
site very low on the chassis.

Stadium trucks

Stadium trucks are usually medium 
sized rc cars that are fairly low to 
the ground and can be used for racing 
or bashing. They are usually light 
and sometimes very fast. They can 
generally take more of a beating than other
types of RC cars. They are shorter 
and wider than buggies. 
They never have a wing.


Truggies are similar to Stadium Trucks, 
though they are slightly lower to the 
ground, have a wing like a buggy and are set
up more for racing than general driving 
and bashing.

Short Course Trucks
Short course trucks are setup to race.
They have skinny, off road tires that
fit under the body when the suspension
is compressed. They generally have large
bodies. A popular Short Course truck
is the Traxxas Slash