Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RC Compilation 2010-2011

Here is a compilation I made of, what I think are, the best parts of my RC videos from August 2010 through December 2011. Watch it in HD if you can. Contents are under the video. Here it is:


0:01 Parkzone Radian landing onroad with landing gear (tutorial coming soon). My Dad is filming here
0:05 One of my friends flying his Cox Sky Cruiser at the Elings Park RC Track. I am filming here
0:11 View of my tires and suspension from a Gopro camera mounted to the front of the chassis on my      Slash 4x4
0:29 The first run of my homemade 25" monohull rc boat in the Santa Ynez river. My Mom is filming here
0:50 Driving my brushless Traxxas Summit on a sandy track. Here the camera is on a tripod
1:02 Same car, same track. Now my Mom filming
1:15 Driving the Summit (stock brushed this time) on the beach, with sand paddle tires. My Dad filming now
1:30 Traxxas Summit rock crawling. Using RC4WD 40 series Rock Crusher tires. Camera is on a tripod
2:05 Traxxas Mini E revo driving around on a dirt road. Camera is on a tripod
2:19 Camera on Mini E revo, with a view of the tire and suspension
2:42 FPV from Slash 4x4 driving around the (overgrown) track that I made
3:19 A FPV video from a Gopro camera on my Parkzone Radian (and a crash)
4:22 The end

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