Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nutball RC Plane Build

 Here is the build log for the foam plane that I built recently. Maiden flight video coming soon.

All of the electronics and foam came in the mail today. I wired up all the electronics and tested them. Everything was in good working order so I went ahead and started cutting the foam. I cut a 17" diameter circle of the 6mm foam to be the main body of the plane. It has no tail or fuselage, just a circle of foam with a dihedral added to the edges.

 Once the electronics were tested and the foam was cut into a circle I added the carbon fiber flats across the bottom of the wing and glued a 1" tall double strip of foam down the center of the underside of the plane. I made the motor mount out of a small block of wood and glued it onto the center of the plane.

 After the main frame was build I installed the electronics, servo linkages and all of the other little details like velcro for the battery pack and more fiber tape on critical points that I thought might need more strength. The last picture is the finished product, all ready to fly minus the battery.

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