Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Radio Project

After researching quadcopters this weekend, and ordering all the parts to build one, I was all fired up to build something. But snail mail being what it is- most of my parts for the quadcopter won't be here for 1-3 weeks. I was looking around my rc stuff yesterday, and I saw my old Traxxas radio. It was a link system, and it had stopped working a few months ago. That was when I got my HobbyKing GT-2 radio. The GT-2 system worked great for me, but I never really liked the feel of it in my hand, while I did like the feel of the Traxxas radio. After thinking for a few minutes, I decided to put the GT-2 electronics in the Traxxas case, so that I could have the best of both worlds. After a little experimenting I found that the steering wheel and throttle control in the Traxxas case would work with the GT-2 electronics. The main circuit board in the Traxxas radio is in the bottom of the case, while the GT-2 radio electronics are in the top part, so I had to add some extensions to the wires for the steering and throttle controls. I cut a hole on the top part of the bottom section of the Traxxas radio, right in front of the hand grip for the steering trims, ect. on the GT-2 circuit board. I had to put the batteries on the outside of the case because the GT-2 circuite board needed 8 batteries, instead of the 4 that the Traxxas radio case has space for. I haven't tested it extensively yet, but it seems to work. I will be giving it a full test this Friday. Here are some pictures:

The whole radio

The trims, and power switch

The batteries

How the battery compartment sits on the cover for the bottom of the radio

The main circuit board

Quadcopter update- The batteries are due to arrive on Thursday, and the electronics for the flight control board on Friday so the build will be getting underway soon

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