Friday, January 27, 2012

Quadcopter Build Log Update

I did some more work on the quadcopter and got the Wii components uncased and finished the sanding on the frame. All that is left for the frame is to glue and screw the parts together. I also got the Orange RX receivers in the mail, so now the only thing that I am waiting for is the propeller/motor/speed controllers. I should get the soldering on the Arduino and Wii components done this weekend. Since I can't get metric sized wood for the arms, I set up a jig that holds my Dremel in just the right place, so I can just run the wooden arms between the sanding bit on the Dremel and the block of wood that it is sitting on and they get cut to size. Here are some pictures, and you can see me using the Dremel jig in the video.

Arduino board, USB programmer and Wii Motion Plus.

Frame without motor mounts.

Laying out the template that I made to make a battery tray out of plywood.

The frame with the arms. It still needs to be glued.

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