Friday, November 4, 2011

Some modding tutorials for the Losi Micro SCT

Here are some modding tutorials I made on the mods I made to my Losi Micro SCT. In this post there are the vids for going brushless and making some homemade mudflaps to make it look more scale. Here they are: The first on is for scale mudflaps
 Here is a tutorial I made on how to make mudflaps for a Losi Micro SCT out of mountain bike inner tube. Feel free to ask questions. Credit for the idea of making mudflaps goes to Gnuts on the micro t forum

 Here are the two parts of the brushless conversion tutorial:

And part 2
 Here is the list of the items I bought for the conversion:
-Double sided sticky tape (can be found at stationary/hardware stores) -Zipties (Hardware store) (I use the small ones)
-Motor: this is the part I splurged on. I got the Losi 10250kv motor because it can be operated on 3s lipo, which gives it a performance edge over the cheaper, equal kv motors which can only run 2s lipo Buy it here
 -Speed control: I chose this speed control because it got good reviews, was cheap, was small enough to fit in the car and powerful enough to drive the motor without over heating. Buy it here
-Radio system: This is a good quality 2.4ghz system, and the recievers are small enough to fit in the car. You could just get a different RX for your current radio system, but make sure that it is small enough to fit in the car. Also, 2.4ghz is a must to avoid motor interference, because in such a small car the motor is close to the radio system. Buy it here
-Servo: This servo is made for airplanes, but is the perfect spec for the micro SCT. It is analog, so you will have to make sure your radio system supports it. The above radio system is compatible with it. More about the servo saver in part 2 of the tutorial. Buy it here
-Battery: This is covered in part 2 of the tutorial, but this is the one that I used. It is high capacity, and fits perfectly in the battery mounting spot that is shown in part 2 of the tutorial. Buy it here

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