Thursday, September 1, 2011

First run on mono hull!

So last evening I went to our friends pool to try it out. Of course I couldn't get up to anywhere near full speed, but I ran through most of a battery pack, and I think it went well. There is still one place where a few drips of water can come in, but I will fix that. Hopefully in the next few days I can get to a bigger lake to really try it out. And my I really like the realistic sounds the stinger drive made, because the prop sucked in some air. The sound is muted in the video because of all the background noise. Here is the video:


  1. Can't hear the sound...?

  2. The sound is taken out of the video because you can't hear the boat over the shouting and the dig barking. I will try and get some good sound recordings when I go to the lake today

  3. I think dan is like me... he doesn't read the description, just jumps to the chase and watches the video :)