Monday, July 4, 2011

Micro SCT update

I have been working on my chassis more over the last few days. It turns out that the sizing of my top plate was slightly off, so when it was on it would lift one of the wheels off the ground. I tried repositioning the holes with no results. After about an hour of messing with it I got annoyed and just put the stock plastic second deck back on. I will redo the aluminum top plate when I feel that I have the patience. I also need to lengthen the holes in the chassis for the screws that mount the motor. I didn't make them long enough so my gear mesh is too tight. Here are some pics:

Bottom view. The plastic washers protect the screw heads that hold the motor in place.

Side view. It sits low compared to the body, but I didn't lose any ground clearance. It just looks low here because I have my suspension lowered.

Here it is without the shell. I hot glued the stock RX/ESC combo onto the top of the plastic top deck.

Here is a side view from the other side. You can see the servo and motor here.

Bottom rear end. The screws are inset. I make the holes inset like that by making them with a nail.

Motor mount screws. You can see it in the picture, but the plastic washers are dish shaped, and stick out past the screw heads to protect them. I also did this with a nail.

Bottom of front end

Motor. The chassis acts as a huge heat sink. After a run the whole thing is warm.

Steering servo

Steering assembly. I used a female JR plug (from my charger for charging RX packs) as a chock for the part of the steering assembly that holds onto the servo.

Electronics. They are hotglued to the plastic.

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