Sunday, July 17, 2011

IT MOVES!!!! The aluminum micro SCT chassis is finished and functional

Today I finished up the aluminum chassis I have been making for my micro SCT. I had it almost finished a few weeks ago, but I had problems with the gear mesh, and I didn't get around to fixing them until now. I was occupied with building the boat. I also added some sticky velcro to hold the battery on. The gear mesh problem was that I had drilled the motor mount holes a tad bit to far forward, and that caused the spur gear teeth the hit the flat part at the base of the pinion, where the set screw would be on a larger scale pinion. I managed to get it driving around, but it put a huge strain on the motor mount and the gear mesh was so tight that the battery lasted 1/3 of usual time and the motor smelled bad. So this time I managed to get that problem fixed. Instead of making new motor mount holes, which would have required making a whole new chassis. I couldn't just swap the motor side with the battery side because the center driveshaft it offset. The motor is lighter than the battery, so it has to be farther offset from the center to achieve a perfect left right weight balance. So it would have leaned heavily had I swapped the battery and motor. So what I did was take off the pinion and cut off the flat part, as it has no set screw (it is a friction fit). That way the pinion gear can move closer to the motor. Then I can get a good gear mesh without redoing the motor mounting area. I took it for a test drive around the house. It cornered beautifully, and it seemed to work well. On the first run the steering block fell off the chassis, but I re glued it and it seems to be holding. Here are some videos and pictures.

Quick test with wheels off the ground

Driving around and crashing into camera

High speed cornering, filmed by my mom

Pics of everything coming later

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