Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This week we went camping in Death Valley, since it was spring break. Of course, I took my RC cars along with me. I got the connector fixed on the mini E Revo, and I brought it and the Summit. It was the perfect terrain for the Summit. Nice and rocky, with some flat bits. Unfortunately, the servo gears got stripped on the first run. Of course, they haven't got stripped on the Summit before, but they had to choose then to get stripped. That made me annoyed. The mini E Revo did alright on the rough terrain, and it had enough grip to get over most things. But it is brushless, so the cogging was insanely bad. I also brought the Micro SCT along. It couldn't do any of the terrain because it is so small, but I found a nice flat rock face and drove it around on there. I have some videos that I will post once they are edited.

This picture is my idea of the ideal tent. A two person tent with me on one side, and the RC cars lined up on the other side and ready to go.

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